This was a busy weekend as busy weekends go, saturday I was shooting a wedding in the Lake District, I left Cumbria very early sunday morning for the 6 hour drive back to essex fully intending to jump on a train in Chelmsford and head into London to meet up with Jack and Kirstie, that was the plan anyway, well when I arrived home I checked online only to find that overground trains were cancelled due to engineering works so I had to offload some kit jump back in the car and drive to upminster where I could grab the underground, arrived at upminster to find that there was up to an hours delay on the piccadilly line, there is a possibility i may have uttered a few swear words, I literally arrived in Covent Garden with a few minutes to spare before the arrival of Jack and Kirstie, luckily the rest of the day went very smoothly, for a couple who profess to not being comfortable in front of the camera they bloody rocked the session, it was fun shooting in an absolutley packed Covent Garden and I cant wait to photograph their wedding in one of my favourite Essex venues, Gaynes Park, later in the year.

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Wedding Venue Gaynes Park